Solutions For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

SMME Starter is a private company that provides accounting and administrative support to Small and Medium-Sized Entities. Since inception, the company has been instrumental in maintaining accurate accounting records for various clients. We have also successfully completed funding applications for our clients. As our name suggests, SMME Starter has launched many businesses over the past 3 years. We have unique partnerships and have developed relationships with key bankers, key reviewers of funding applications to ensure that we are able to guide our clients to success. Our passion is in the growth of small business to becoming big business. We aim to provide superior professional service at affordable rates.

Our Values Are:

Security – We deal with sensitive information. We maintain a strict privacy policy and handle all client information with the utmost confidentiality

Accuracy – Reliable accounting data is required for any business growth

Integrity – We only work with honest business partners

Innovation – Thinking outside the box is a cornerstone to success