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Once you decide to employ any employees, you are required to register for the following:

  • Registration as Employer with Department of Labour for UIF Purposes – this allows your employees to be able to claim for UIF should their employment be terminated
  • Registration for Workmen’s Compensation Fund – this allows your employees to claim from the fund should they get injured while on duty. Please note that if you are not registered, then the company will be liable to pay should the employee hire lawyers or lawyers take on the case pro-bourno.


COIDA Registration:

In order to register for COIDA/WCA, you need to:

  • Completed attached application formW.As.2E – 2018
  • Submit with Company Registration
  • Director ID Copies
  • Service Fees – R1500 Express Registration


Registration as Employer:

In order to register as an employer you need to:


In order to register you can submit the above to